Monday, October 16, 2006

Cat on a Warm Terracotta Roof

Caught this cat in action from the little back balcony of my apartment. Looks strangely similar to one of my cats, Pavel (a.k.a. Pavel Cow Cat), but perhaps a few kilos lighter. Hence the Cow part of the name. Claims have been made that Pavel, being a unique hybrid cat-cow, can be milked (#4), but don't believe them. Even if Jessica did manage to bring him a minature cowbell on her recent visit. Not sure if the cow cat will take to it though. I haven't tried yet. He's been too busy eating. (Folks, really. I do measure his food. I think he gains just by looking at it. And for the record, two different Italian vets laughed at me when I asked if he should go on a diet. "Really, you Americans and your diets...") One Italian lady who works at the cat shelter, when informed of Pavel's "big boned" condition following his adoption, said not to worry until his belly starts touching the ground ("quando la panza tocca per terra"). Using that as my standard, we're still ok. For a while.

Well, I guess one of these days we will have to chat about my adopted Largo Argentina cats. It's not every day you can adopt a brother and sister pair of cats from the exact spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated. Or, so they say. Et tu, Pavel? ("Mooooeow"!)


Anonymous said...

Is that Betsy? This must be the same cat that I saw while I was visiting. Too cute :)

I think we need a shot of Pavel with his kitty cowbell on -- although he looks awfully happy without.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous cat!
I hope to see lots like that when I come to Rome.

Tracie B. said...

what about when your boobs toccano a terra?