Monday, November 13, 2006

Five-Finger Discount on Parmigiano

We're almost at the halfway mark with NaBloPoMo! Are you having as much fun as I am?

Well, part of the fun, thank goodness, is provided by my never-ending source of ridiculous and trivial news bits, Metro. If you live in a big city, maybe you have this free commuter paper as well. Don't get me wrong: I love Metro! Remember our friend Thomas? Well, here's another little quirk for you.

So, I know you've been wondering—no, losing sleep at night, actually—over what the most-stolen product is in Italian grocery stores. What? You haven't? Well, me neither, really. But never fear! Metro has. And so, I present for your perusal:

This little gem says:
Parmesan is the Most Stolen
Parmesan cheese is the most-stolen grocery product in Italian supermarkets, with theft reaching 9% of the total value of the product sold. In other words, almost one piece out of every 10 is taken off the shelves.
According to an investigation by Coldiretti, meat follows with a 5.5% loss, wine and spirits 2%. In non-grocery products, one out of every five razor blades is stolen.
So, there you have it folks. A little bit of trivia for your next get-together. You'll be the life of the party, I tell you!

Oh, and the hand? Yeah, that would be Leonardo DiCaprio when he was here for the Rome Film Festival. I don't think he has been recently implicated in any Italian cheese theft. Not sure about the meat or razors, though.


Anonymous said...

Interesting...but I would have thought for sure it would be Nutella!

Expat Traveler said...

no kidding, me too... parma... never would have guessed... I'm wondering now if any swiss would admit to have stolen something in a store..

anton said...

If I had to steal something, it would have to be Parmigiano. Can't live without the stuff! Just tonight I ate some with a gala apple. A perfect late night snack!

Anonymous said...

I saw a old drunk guy stealing it at my local GS supermarket in San Lorenzo. I pointed at him, turned to Federica and said "Guarda, sta rubando il parmigiano" and everyone around must of heard me because they all started looking at him. And it wasn't one of those little pieces, it was a huge hunk! Having been reduced to the worst state of "brutta figura", he put it back and turned to me and said "Fattttti cazzzzzi tuoi..." and so I laughed in his face.