Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Listen Up!

I figure, while we’re making new categories, let’s really go for it--besides shopping, which I inaugurated on Sunday, I also noticed that something else was sadly absent: la musica!

So, in case you’re wondering what we’re listening to in Rome right now, I’ve hand-picked a couple of my favorites for you:

1. Luca Carboni: Malinconia from the album Le Band Si Sciolgono
Listen here
Offical website

2. Ligabue: Cosa Vuoi Che Sia from the album Nome e Cognome
Listen here: #5
Official website

Oh, how I heart Ligabue—his voice is … sigh. Or, as they would say here: molto sexy. Listen. If you know Ligabue or know someone who knows someone who knows him, please—all I'm asking is that you put me in touch.

3. Cesare Cremonini: Deve Essere Così from the album 1+8+24
Listen here
Offical website

4. Tiziano Ferro: Ed Ero Contentissimo from the album Nessuno è Solo
Listen here: #3
Official website

5. Zucchero: Occhi from the album Fly
Listen here: #3 (And Finny will remember song #1 from her recent visit. When it was on the radio I thought he was singing “Ba bo ba ba bo” then Ale helpfully pointed out that it was actually the words “Bacco perbacco” Oops!)
Official website

6. Neffa: Cambierà from the album Alla Fine Della Notte
Listen here: #7
Official website

I have to admit that I am partial to male Italian singers. The only female Italian singer I really like is Carmen Consoli. (Offical website Listen to tracks.) I don’t like Elisa, Georgia, Laura Pausini, or even Mina (I know, that’s a sin but I’m sorry, she’s just not my fave. I'll make an exception for that one song where she sings "parole, parole, parole..." but only because it was in my favorite Italian movie). I like Gianna Nannini, but just sometimes. (Offical website. Listen to tracks.) Are there any other women singers I need to know about? Who are your favorites in Italian music? Help me out here!


Shelley said...

Hi Shelley! [waves happily]

What a pleasure to type your name, second "e" and all. Our mothers would have been friends.

Hoping to treat myself to some listening as a reward a little later in the day...

Thanks for these tips!

tati said...

ciao shelley!non ti facevo un'appasssionata di ligabue!se vuoi masterizzarti un po di cd ne ho diversi (tutti gia masterizzati ovvio!)fatta eccezione per gli ultimi perchè dopo tanto tempo mi ha un po annoiato...tu pensa che ale pensava che LIGA fosse il nome del cantante e BUE fosse il cognome!!!!! certo eravamo giovincelli all'epoca ma chi se la può scordare una caz...biiip.... del genere!!!povero ligabue...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shelley. Thanks for the music recommendations! I'm over here in CA, dying for good Italian music, and the only thing I've got is an ancient CD by Raf. I noticed he's not on your list. Is he way too cheesy? ~Rose

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Grazie for these suggestions Shelley.

One of my favorite Italian CDs is actually from a French movie 5x2 (cinq fois deux) by Francois Ozon. Movie is intense in the beginning but excellent (and a little depressing). Not sure why the soundtrack is in Italian but the music is beautiful. songs by Paolo conte, Luigi Tenco, the song Vedrai, Vedrai is just heartbreaking. I bought it via amazon but I'm sure you can find it in any big music store in Rome. the movie was pretty popular overseas (and the female lead is italian)

Anom in CA you can find more current Italian music on Amazon.com. I'm sure some of Shelley's suggestions are on there. I love Eros' NINE and CALMA APPARENTE.

a.c.t said...

It's pretty hard keeping up to date out here in the UK so thanks. The last Italian music I bought was Carmen Consoli and Tirmancino, so I definitely need to update. (I went on Luca Carboni's site and was amused to see him in various poses wearing 'Stone Island' jackets - if you see a person wearing those over here it probably means they're about to steal your car.)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

As always, I'm thoroughly enjoying everyone's comments and thankfully you all are just so witty you often have me laughing out loud...grazie mille, we can always use a good laugh.

Shelley: Good to see you! I have a confession to make: my mom actually named me Michelle, but in an act of 7-year-old rebellion I declared myself Shelly. Then somewhere along the line I added the 'e'. God, I must have a been an annoying kid to have to raise.

Tati: Adoro la voce di Ligabue, più adesso che all'inizio. E anche se non è proprio della mia età, lo ritengo uno degli uomini più sexy d'Italia. Boh, il mio gusto è un po' vario. Non so perchè la mia adorazione per lui cresce col tempo perchè hai ragione, è un po' monotematico. Cmq, che Ale pensava si chiamasse Liga Bue mi fa ridere da morire. Troppo forte. Ma ricordati che stiamo parlando dello stesso ragazzo che pensava che nessuno in Italia conosceva BB King e non avevamo bisogno di comprare i biglietti in anticipo...arrivati ovviamente i biglietti erano già esauriti da TANTO tempo...

Anon: I don't think Raf is cheesy at all, in fact I have one of his CDs. Don't know what he's up to lately though.

NYC: Thanks for the tip, I will definitely have to check this out!

A.C.T.: Your car-stealing observation gave me my much-needed daily chuckle. Too funny. I also love Tiromancino, didn't make it on the list but definitely good.

Valerie said...

But what about Jovanote? Tanto, tanto, tanto...it just gets stuck in your head, ya know?

African Kelli said...

The only Italian contemporary singer I know is Laura Paussini, because she also sings in spanish. I do love her voice, but you know. I'm no critic. I'm currently loving the new John Legend CD. And Sufjan Stevens. I'll burn you some new AZ music for your visit in Dec.

Julie said...

I love the music! Thank you for putting it on here!

glittertip said...

Thank you-- i was just listening some old italian favorites the other day and was wondering when will i find new ones. Gianna Nannini, Le Vibrazioni, Neffa and Cesare Cremonini (previous life-- Lunapop) are my favorites. Let me know if you want to meet up sometime this week.
glittertipatgmail. xox

gracie said...

Liga will be in concert in the city near mine, but it's sold out, damn!!! His best song for me is "Certe notti" pure magic to sing it in a concert with him! About italian female singers, you must try Fiorella Mannoia, everything from her, what a voice!

ginkers said...

Can I recommend Alice, especially singing anything by Franco Battiato. One of the best Italian female voices of all time...

stacy said...

Do you like delta v? we love them in our house =)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Kel: You make the BEST compilation CDs of anyone I know, so I say: yes, please!

Julie: Prego!

Glitter: Not sure if I know Le Vibrazioni. I'll have to check them out.

Gracie: I just saw a commercial for her new CD the other day. She has an awesome look, I love her crazy, curly red hair!

Ginkers: Alice is another new one for me, thanks for the tip!

Stacy: I've never heard of Delta V! Now I have so many new artists to check out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

argh, modern italian music just sucks. sorry! italian music from the 60s was amazing, real talent, real ability. now quite honestly i think it all sounds the same. there are a few exceptions, VERY few:
casino royale
sangue misto
frankie Hi Nrg
sud sound system

that's all that comes to mind now.

Angela said...

Try Samuele Bersani (Spaccacuore, Giudizi Universali...).....I love Carmen Consoli too!