Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mastercard at the Rome Airport

Wait at baggage claim: 1.5 hours

Finding out they don't know where your bag is: 5 minutes

Spotting an ad with the "neighborhood church" where you're getting married: Timeless


African Kelli said...

How cool is that? MY gosh! I love it.

Expat Traveler said...

ah Shelly, that must be so cool! Looks like a beautiful church! When's the big date anyhow? Do you have everything yet?

Anonymous said...

Santa Maria in Trastevere! I have been there! What a beautiful church but I am sure the beautiful bride will out shine the church. Congrats!

mar said...

Well, I guess there is more to this post than what I thought!!

Anonymous said...

outstanding blog!

Gracie said...

When are you planning to get married? TomKat alike ceremony?????

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Thanks everyone! Yeah, I got a kick out of this ad. "The real flavor of Rome," indeed!
The big date is in March--I'm getting things together slowly, but surely.
It's a huge church so it's kind of intimidating, but it really is our "neighborhood church" and our absolute favorite church in all of Rome. Beautiful mosaics from the 1200s. Supposedly the first church where mass was celebrated openly in Rome.

Ebony: Thanks! You're always so sweet.

East of Oregon: Thanks for stopping by; I'll be by to visit you soon!

Gracie: TomKat, exactly! How did you know? Actually, we did have an appt. at the place where they had a reception the night before their wedding (Villa Aurelia), because it's close to our church, thinking we might have our reception there. We choked on the price. I think it was going to be like €6,000 or something like that, just for the ROOM! Nothing else! Not chairs, not a coat closet. Even lighting in the evening was €500 extra!!

I'll keep you posted on the wedding progress every once in a while. ;-)