Thursday, January 18, 2007

Waiter for a Day

I have so much good stuff backing up in the post pipeline that I think I'll take the day off to sort it all out. I haven't even shared my colossal dinner in Pescasseroli with you, and that alone will take a while, sorting out all the photos of each dish! Get your appetites ready.

Meanwhile, how's this for efficiency? Here's the only restaurant in Rome where I've seen something like this. It's called Pizzeria San Marino and is a bit out of the way from the center--if you know Rome at all, it's over in the Corso Trieste area off of Piazza Istria (north Rome). When you arrive, you find this list with a pen on your green checkered tablecloth:

That's right, folks. DIY ordering. Just browse the list, put the number you want of each item next to it, and when your waiter comes by you hand him the list.

Just make sure everyone at your table is in agreement. Ale went first and put "4" next to supplì (pronounced "soo-PLEE", a fried rice ball filled with mozzarella...worthy of its own post) and there were four of us, without even asking if anyone else wanted one. So as the list made its way around the table, there was a lot of: "FOUR supplì? I don't want a supplì, I want a bruschetta!" I guess he figures that a supplì is a necessary part of any healthy pizza-balanced diet, and in Rome, I guess he would be right!

Pizzeria San Marino
Via S. Marino 52
Tel. 06 85 58 439
(Closed Sundays)


Isma said...

mmmm supplì !! arggggg how I miss it !!!!
Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook these at home ;-(

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Isma: Ale makes them at home every once in a while...he's the resident chef around here... next time he makes them I will definitely post the recipe. Luckily they're not difficult to make!

Isma said...

mmmm I can't wait to read it ;-)
Lucky you to have a chef at home !! ;-)

Delina said...

There's a "pub" here where you do DIY ordering. The first time I went I thought "do I have to cook it myself too?". Good if there are any difficult to pronounce words on the menu though :)

TinkerBlue said...

Oh my, now I am starving.

Julie said...

Cool way to do things. Guess they never need to write things down then.

Jeff said...

I think this is a great way to do it. They were probably tired of getting those huge groups of people where the waiter can barely hear what's being ordered. I always worry if he's getting it all down correctly.


FinnyKnits said...

Dude - the friggen suppli - how many of those have I eaten with you guys? So, so yummy! I can't imagine my scissor pizza (yes, ugly American generalization for the fab spot - what's the name again?) without first having a suppli!

avery said...

We go there all the time! my hubby and I love it (his fave is margherita with gorgonzola. I waiver between the fiori di zucca with anchovies and bresaola with arugula and parmigiano.Yum.) - the pizza is deeelish! It's always packed always. true sign of a good locale.