Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Limoncello is Brewing...

We finally ended up picking the lemons and now the limoncello is under construction. If you've been to Rome or especially the Amalfi Coast, and you like a little after-dinner digestivo (to help you digest, of course!) then chances are you've tasted the delights of limoncello. It's a lemon-flavored liquor served chilled, and now that we have a couple of little lemon trees, this is the second year we've made some.

It is super easy to make, so if you have lemons around, why not try it?

I call this the "1/2 Limoncello" Recipe

You'll need:

About 10-15 lemons (on the small to medium side)
1/2 kilo (500 g) zucchero (sugar)
1/2 liter acqua (water)
1/2 liter alcool (grain alcohol like has 95% alcohol content, ie 190 proof, no messing around here)
A container to store the limoncello while it's infusing...we're no-frills and are using a metal pasta pot covered with aluminum foil

1) Wash the lemon skins, then peel the skins off with a potato peeler.

2) God only knows what you'll do with the lemons now. You don't need them. You know what they say, when life throws you lemons, make... (sorry, couldn't resist!)

3) Mix the water and alcohol and add the sugar, stirring slowly.

4) Add the lemon peels and cover. Every few days, stir. You can taste it along the way if you want, adding water or sugar if it's too strong. It shouldn't taste super alcoholic, but lemony with a slight alcoholic "bite"--you don't want it too sweet either.

5) Keep this up, stirring briefly every few days or so, for about a month to 40 days. Then, strain the lemon peels and bottle. (Those hermetically-sealed bottles, the ones with the plastic stoppers and rubber rims, will work well, otherwise just use a clean wine bottle and cork it).

5) Chill it and serve in shot glasses. Sip, don't shoot!

Let's say a toast back here in about a month?

Buon weekend and buon limoncello-making!


Delina said...

It is easy to make isn't it? I've never made it myself but I've watched my MIL make it. I am her chief taster.

J.Doe said...

Looks good. I'll be back in a month to share your toast.

Molly said...

Thanks for that recipe! I'm in on the toast.

L Michelle said...

Oh how I miss limoncello & Roma! I spent what I consider my formative years (age 27 thru 46) in Roma and, like you, I fell deeply in love with it (ok & the men too!). But I had to leave with my job 9 years ago & now I miss it everyday. I'm so glad I've discovered your blog so I can live it all over again...

il said...

sono lo speaker di una radio Romana,volevo intervistarla.
mi chiamo Emanuele e la mia mail è
il sito.

i miei più cordiali saluti

riffraff said...

don't forget that in theory you can also make arancello and mandarinetto in a similar fashion :)