Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Future Americana a Roma

Folks, I had the delightful pleasure yesterday of meeting NYC/Caribbean Ragazza. I never bring my camera to these blogger meetings, because I never know if people want their picture online or not, and I don't want to put people on the spot... but I am happy to report that Tracie B. is braver than I am (luckily) and therefore you can see their two beautiful, smiling faces against what seems like a pull-down backdrop it's just so purty.

I walked away from our meeting feeling completely energized and full of life. Arlene is a really positive force of nature and I have absolutely no doubt that sooner or later, her blog will be telling tales of her life in Rome. (I'm hoping she'll dish about the Rome film scene.) ;-) Remember Arlene, we all want copies as soon as your book comes out! And thanks for the aperitivo. Next time, maybe in LA, or maybe in Rome, it's on me!


Tracie B. said...

hey shelley! i told her to tell you hi, did she? 'cuz if she didn't, she's totally not my friend anymore.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Tracie, yes! She did! (Whew, another friendship brought back from the brink...) The real vergogna is that we live just a few hours apart and still haven't met. I know, mostly my fault, shame on me for being in your area twice and not letting you know! May??