Monday, March 05, 2007

Domani is the Big Day

So, here's what I'm wondering: is it possible that one person can have 30 minutes of fame, and not just Andy Warhol's 15? You might remember my first 15 minutes late last year. I smile when I think of how many of my new readers found me through that infamous post. Thank God takes on a whole new meaning, no?

Well, if 30 minutes are allowed, then I'm going for my second half tomorrow. I met Emanuele today from Teleradiostereo and we're all set to go for tomorrow at 8 am. We hit it off and had some laughs. He even told me I have a great "radio voice" -- see, I told you I was in the wrong business!

Some of you have asked how you might listen in. Well, I forgot to ask him, but if you look at his site, there's this "live" page, which seems like it might be a stream. But the other day I tried logging on around 8 am and couldn't get on... the page was too busy. So, perhaps you could give it a shot. I'm going to try to get him to give me a digital recording that maybe I can get on the blog somehow. Plus he promised me some photos in the studio which should be fun and at least that way you can see what it looks like. Something I already noticed today was that the red "on air" light actually says "on air" ... in English. I thought it might say "in onda" or something like that. Maybe all radio stations get their red lights from a generic radio station red light clearing house in the States?

Of course, if you're here in Rome, by all means, tune in: 92.7 FM, and you can send SMS messages that we'll chat about during the broadcast.

Last but not least, and completely off topic... after I came back from my meeting, I about died when I saw Pietro's dog, Nano, chilling out in his new dog house. You'll remember that Pietro is the fruit seller whose shop is about 3 feet or so from my front door. This morning he was cutting up huge Roman artichokes for his customers. Well, gone are the cardboard fruit box dog houses of Nano's humble past: he's movin' on up in the world and now resides in a little house of his own. Check it out for yourself:

And folks, just because I simply can't resist, here's your "moment of Zen" one more time, straight from none other than Italy's Vice Premier and Minister of Tourism, Francesco Rutelli:


Tracie B. said...

guuurl you done got fay-miss :)


Jeff Gromen said...

8:00 AM! That's too early. I hope you get on tape or maybe I can tune in by 8:30 but I'm not promising anything!! :)


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Thanks Trace! I can just hear the Texan coming out ;-)

Jeff, I know! That's what I thought too. In fact he asked me: "Ce la fai per le 8?" Plus of course the studio is way out in no-man's land. I'll have to leave the house at like 6:30. Gotta always add in that time for getting lost, as happens here in Rome pretty much every time I decide to drive! ;-) I'll try to get a tape. Thanks for the support!!

African Kelli said...

wishing you gobs of good luck!! :)

Ebony and Ivory said...

Hey Shelley!

Let's get together end of this month when I'm in your neck of the woods. My email is Let me know when you have some time!

Ebony and Ivory said...

P.S. You go famous expat girl!!! Um, can I get your autograph???

Carole said...

Auguri Shelley,
che sei diventata famosa!
Spero di vedere le foto nel blog.

Divertiti con Manuele, ho visto la sua foto, molto simpatico.

Buon martedi'

Jeff Gromen said...

I was able to listen in from about 8:20 to a little after 9. You were great and you guys talked about everything for cryin' out loud. I wanted to send an SMS but you were off on some other subject.

Good job from what I heard but when someone mentions Monica L. I say lets move on with our lives. Why are the italians so interested in that?...


Anonymous said...

complimenti Shelly, hai una splendida voce e radiofonicamente funzioni veramente bene.
saluti a tutti gli amici di Shelly che spero di riavere presto in trasmissione


sylvie d said...

Hope the radio show went well!?
Really like athomerome and wondered if you could spare 2 minutes to take a look at our new blog/community website: it is good fun and free :-) and would be great to see your blog be part of it!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Thanks Kel!

Miss Ebony, I will be emailing you...

E grazie Emanuele, davvero dal cuore, mi sono divertita UN MONDO!

Thanks Jeff for listening in, I didn't have the right website posted yesterday (apparently) but you must be a man of many resources to have found the stream on their overall website? I'm happy I had another expat out there for support! That's awesome! Let me know when/if you're coming into town this month.