Monday, March 19, 2007

Local Politicians=Marketing Geniuses

This exhilarating little flyer was recently brought to my attention, and I thought it best to share with you, for the cultural enrichment of all concerned, of course. Comic gold.

So, ever wondered how Italian politicians operate? Often they stuff mailboxes with flyers that explain their platforms. Nothing out of place there. Take, for example, a certain Patrizio Bianconi, currently a representative for Rome's 18th municipal district, from the Forza Italia party.If his wizard-like "hypnotic gaze" doesn't convince you, along with the subliminal "Forza Italia" written in the background, maybe his campaign platform will:It reads:
Christmas 2004

In the history of the human race, Metaphysical Mutations--or rather the radical and global transformations in the adopted world view--are fairly rare.
As soon as they are produced, Metaphysical Mutations develop to their own extreme consequences, without ever meeting resistance.
Imperturbable, they sweep away political and economic systems, aesthetic judgements, social hierarchies.
After the advent of Christianity and Modern Science, a third Metaphysical Mutation is destined to inaugurate a New Era in World History.
Don't be an unconscious witness to this event!
Um, ok. Whatever you say there, buddy.

Anyhoo, who am I to judge? It got the guy elected, after all. And apart from his incredible "way with words," he seems to have a pretty convincing "look" as well:Merry Christmas, friends, and a New Year that brings an ethical and moral reawakening.

Right. Because of course politicians are just specialists in moral and ethical reawakenings.

And for those of you who just can't get enough, I invite you to click here and watch a campaign ad pop up automatically for a certain Marco Pomarici, currently a member of the city government as an advisor to the Mayor of Rome. Word has it he spent about a million on his campaign. Even if you don't understand Italian, I can assure you that he speaks quite convincingly about his values ("with the certainty that tomorrow belongs to us..."). Gaze longingly as he receives a Papal blessing, randomly gestures in various meetings, accepts unspecified awards from city officials, gives speeches in front of Forza Italia banners... and whatever you do, please, please PAUSE it when it comes to the photo of him with Berlusconi, towards the end. Simply frame worthy.

Do you think if I start talking about Metaphysical Mutations I could get elected next time around?


Sara said...

Nice eyebrows, buddy! Yikes. Just... yikes.

Darbs said...

This guy looks boarderline scary adn what the hell is he talking about???


Politics are politics no matter where you go I guess.

Isabelle said...

oh, my, this guy just looks scary !!!!
brrrrrr gives me the creeps !!

Jeff Gromen said...

Does he carry a pocketwatch and walk the streets hypnotizing (sp?) people? I wonder if the Pope has fallen under his spell? You will vote for meeeeeeee....


sognatrice said...

No, seriously, he's a mago, right?

Tracie B. said...

i think his hair and eyebrows are doin a little metaphysical comtemplating...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am afraid.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

You guys are so funny! I knew you would appreciate the "oh-so-subtle" humor in this one. I mean, if these are the people representing me in the city government, well, I guess that would explain a lot now, wouldn't it?

Although, now that I think about it, maybe Jeff and Sognatrice have got a good point: it could be worth it to ask him to read my palm at least, no?

Delina said...

He looks more like a magician than a politician. LOL