Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update on the Voice of America in Rome

Ragazzi, I chatted yesterday with Emanuele of Tele Radio Stereo 92.7 and he's asked me to stop in next week... he said I should come by on Monday towards the end of the show to see how things work, then if I don't get too embarrassed or nervous to be in front of the ol' "microfono" (doubtful, since I was one of those kids that went to detention for "talking too much"), I get to go on air with him as a sort of voice for Americans in Rome for one day. Tuesday, to be exact. Quite the responsibility as I definitely shy away from speaking for anyone besides myself...everyone has different experiences here and we'll have to make that very clear!

This morning during his show I sent him an SMS, since one of his topics was "strange jobs" (remember when Mr. Diego showed us the armpit smellers?) Anyhoo, he then sent me a special shout out, which is pretty surreal when you think about it, communicating with someone and they respond over your radio. Makes me laugh. Anyways, he asked me to call or send an SMS on how we American expats view the recent uh, shall we say, developments, in the Italian government. Other bloggers have briefly covered it here and here so I'm not going there... all's I'm gonna say folks is: "HEEEEE'S BAAAAACK!" Right. In terms of Italian politics, I rather shamefully admit that I don't really follow anything, 'cuz I just get way too confused.

Still no word on whether our new pal Emanuele will give us an interview too... we'll see.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am completely confused about this Prodi situation. Maybe you can explain it to me later.

Michellanea said...

That sounds really interesting. Will we be able to listen to you online? You've got a lot of good stuff going on - wedding, radio interview, book launch. Complimenti!

The Prodi situation is complicated but not that complicated - that is, if I understand correctly. In a government set up so that "every voice can be heard" (a response to Fascism and dictatorship under Mussolini - thus the million different parties), it is inevitable that there will be these deadlock situations. Think of parliament as a long dinner table with a bunch of Italians fighting, talking over each other. Does anybody even hear the other and will agreement be reached? At one point the person leading the discussion may say "basta" and just walk away. That's what Prodi did.

Maria said...

Woo hoo! I, too, would like to know if you will be on the world wide web, so the world (or at least me in Germany) can hear you! Of course, I probably won't understand much, as I speak about two words of Italian. LOL!

Delina said...

Wow, great opportunity! Are you going to be famous? Don't forget your loyal blog followers when you are.

Let us know if/how we can listen.

Nicole Arriaga said...

Hi Shelley! I heard you on the radio by chance this morning....I swear I had no idea that you were going to be on the radio...i was just flipping through the channels on my radio-telefonino and i hear this accento mezzo americano mezzo romanaccio...and then i heard the host say, "sono qui con shelley!" have such a good radio voice! well, anyway, hope all is well with you...just wanted to tell you that i heard you on the radio and you were great!