Monday, June 11, 2007

We've Moved!

Yes, a new home for "At Home"! I've moved over to

Here I am, years later (I write this now in June of 2012!), still blogging but with a totally new life here in Rome, after three years back in the States, an amicable divorce (strangely not as oxymoronic as it may sound), and three kiddos in three years (how? twins!)

So I'm still around, after having bounced all over the blogosphere and across the pond as well.

Please come join me at my newest, and hopefully permanent, home.

By the way, "Un'americana a Roma" doesn't mean Un-american! It means "An American Girl in Rome." It's a play on words from a very famous Italian movie with Alberto Sordi, Un americano a Roma.

Ciao ciao, come on over!!

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