Wednesday, February 07, 2007

World Nutella Day Round-Up

Here it is, folks! Now is your chance to go and visit all the wonderful Nutella devotees who participated in yesterday's first-ever WORLD NUTELLA DAY Celebration.

I have some, and Sara over at Ms. Adventures in Italy has the others, so be sure to stop by and visit her today as well so you can see ALL the participants!

Take a peek at our Flickr photo pool too. Lots of good shots there.

Still want to get in on the fun? Send your entry to: nutelladay (AT) nutelladay (DOT) com. We will be adding last-minute entries for a little while still, and you can go down in online history as one of the original participants in the first-ever WND.

We'll be listing participants on our website as well.

A super special GRAZIE GRAZIE to Sara, our fearless leader! It was a pleasure co-hosting this event with you and thanks for your wonderful initiative and tireless work in organizing and promoting this NEW WORLD HOLIDAY that we are all now a part of.

And a big, huge, Nutella-filled GRAZIE to all of you wonderful participants out there. Let's make this a yearly celebration, shall we?

So, without further ado, I encourage you to go and check out each and every one of these stunning and creative entries. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was!

Alyce at Mantia's Musings made Pain Perdu: Nutella Lost Bread

Aria at Passionate Nonchalance brings us Yoshi, the talking rabbit, enjoying Nutella rolls

Arlene, a.k.a. NYC/Caribbean Ragazza brings us Michael Chiarello's recipe for Banana Nutella Crepes

Ashleigh from Stitched in Holland made Chocolate Orange Nutella Cake

Brilynn at Jumbo Empanadas made Banana and Nutella pitas and Nutella Cookies

Chelsea at Bon Vivant made Nutella Baci Cookies

Chris at Mele Cotte went on a quest to create Nutella Baci Candy

And also from Mele Cotte, these Nutella Biscotti

Christina at Mausi is takin' a break with Nutella

Cin at A Few of My Favorite Things reminisces with Memories of Nutella

Cyn at Reboot: A New Life in Italy gives us Nutella Hot Chocolate

Huphtur over at The Hot Crew found a sad, sad state of Nutella affairs

Indah at Food Scribbles made Nutella Banana Cake

Jen at A Thousand Times No had a World Nutella Day camera malfunction and reveals the difference between American and Italian Nutella

Jessica at Finny Knits is on the road with Nutella and came up with a Nutella party hors d'oeuvre idea

Karla at Chaosk├╝che shares her childhood Nutella memories

Loulou of Chez Loulou brings us Nutella Mousse

Liam at Panorama of the Mountains gives his tips about where to find the best Nutella combinations

Maria at Country Hopping made Chocolate-Hazelnut Nutella Cookies

Mel at Hecticium wrote a Nutella-inspired poem

Michelle, a.k.a. Sognatrice created a Nutella breakfast treat

Molly at Somewhat Refined whipped up some Nutella cream puffs

Rachel at Rachel's Bite made Nutella Profiteroles

Sierra at Moon Martini brings us an elegant Nutella treat

Shelley of At Home in Rome made Nutella Ravioli

Stacy at Texas Espresso made Nutella Sour Cream Pound Cake

S. Worthen of Owlfish brings us Nutella cookies

Valerie from Due Baci in a Pinon Tree offers up a Nutella Birthday Cake

Vicki at I Need Orange gives us a straightforward Nutella solution

Zorra at 1x umruehren bitte a.k.a. Kochtopf (say that five times fast!) came up with Brioche Cornetti Filled with Nutella

Until next year...


Anonymous said...

Mamma mia, what a round-up! Not only do I have a whole batch of recipes for feeding my Nutella addiction, I found a new slew of blogs to become addicted to, as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed !
Seems like I used a wrong address yesterday to post you my message ;-((
I've sent it again, now I think it works !

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am very excited to try all these new recipes! Grazie to you and Sara.

FinnyKnits said...

I am going to make my own little Nutella TO-DO list out of these recipes -- so awesome!

Thanks for hosting the #1 WND :)

Anonymous said...

yumyumyum! look at all those delicious nutella recipes. oooh, the mousse is taunting me, that looks so good!

African Kelli said...

Shell -- were you shocked by how many people love this stuff? I cannot believe all of the creativity! So cool. Tell me, is Nutella made of almonds?

Jessica Brogan said...

bread and cookies, bread and cookies. yours was the most creative so far. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - so many recipes, so few hours in the day....Do I feel a "sick, really need too stay home and bake" day? I think so!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Shelley, I wonder if you are a friend of mine from a college long time ago (in New Mexico). If so, please reply here and I will e-mail you privately. Shelley that I knew was from Florida and ended up living in Italy, in Rome specifically, I believe. Maybe it is you???

Una Amiga:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley -- Sorry I missed the actual day, but I gave you some airtime on ThisNext blog!


Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Wow, I feel like I'm seeing yours for the first time - I'll have to make sure and visit them again to get some new recipes for my leftover KILOS of Nutella :)

Thanks for helping me co-host, raga!! :)

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I know, aren't these all such creative ideas?! I hope everyone went and visited Sara (Ms. Adventures in Italy) too!

As for anon--nope, sorry, it's not me!

Happy Nutella Day all!

Tracie P. said...

i had a spoonful (or two) of that chocolate love in honor of your day :)

Unknown said...

oh wow! Ok I lost my craving for it but I think it has returned...

I want a small jar! what agreat set of pics you've got...

A Novelist said...

I LOVE Nutella! Yum-O! Thanks for sharing! :)